DJH Youth Hostel Wernigerode


Culture|Youth Hostel with the „Music House“,
in a vibrant town in the Harz mountains

Welcome to our Youth Hostel Wernigerode

In a peaceful setting this sophisticated hostel awaits you. Not far from the old town center, our house offers you the chance to explore Wernigerode and the surrounding area, in addition to the numerous recreational opportunities right here at home.

Wernigerode is known for its historical town hall, castle, and its half-timbered houses dating back over six centuries. The neighboring Harz National Park offers nature lovers a picturesque hilly landscape, widely admired for its biodiversity and featuring forests, granite crags, and mountain streams. Presiding over it all is the Brocken, highest peak in northern Germany.

Whether you travel by foot or with the „Brocken Rail“, the Brocken is always worth a day excursion. The area around Wernigerode is also known for its mining museums and mysterious flowstone caves. In the vicinity you’ll also find the Brocken Baths. Enjoy culture and art, cycling, hiking, and winter sports – everything is here up close and personal. Come and see for yourself... 


Jugendherberge Wernigerode
Hostel Manager: Lutz Meier
Am Eichberg 5
38855 Wernigerode / Germany

Tel:  +49 (0)3943 – 60 61 76
Fax: +49 (0)3943 – 60 61 77
Email: wernigerode(at)